Breast Enhancement

There are a number of cosmetic breast enhancement procedures that can be performed on patients in order to create more appealing youthful breasts. The type of breast enhancement surgery that is most appropriate for a patient will depend on the type of results they are seeking. Some patients can benefit most from a breast enhancement procedure known as a mastopexy, which raises and re-shapes sagging breasts and can reduce the size of the areola. Breast enhancement can also be achieved through breast augmentation, which uses implants to enhance the appearance of the breasts. Breast enhancement procedures are among the most popular cosmetic procedures sought in the United States today. Nearly 300,000 women underwent a breast enhancement cosmetic procedure in 2002 alone.


The best candidates for breast enhancement surgery are emotionally and physically healthy individuals who have realistic expectations about the results of their surgery. Patients should fully understand what will take place before, during, and after breast enhancement surgery. Women who have sagging breasts as a result of aging, pregnancy, and gravity are good candidates for mastopexy breast enhancement surgery. Good candidates for augmentation breast enhancement surgery are women who are unsatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts and wish to enhance their appearance with breast implants.

Mastopexy breast lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed under a general anesthesia or a local plus sedation. This breast enhancement procedure is completed in one to four hours. An anchor-shaped incision is made around the nipple down the breast and across the breast fold in order to remove extra skin and reposition the nipple. It is also possible for an incision to only be made around the areola in order to perform this breast enhancement surgery. Mastopexy breast enhancement surgery generally doesn't increase the size of the breasts but instead lifts the bust to a more natural and desirable shape and position. This breast enhancement surgery can also be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Breast enhancement through augmentation can be performed utilizing a variety of techniques. Incisions can be made in the breast fold, around the areola, in the armpit, and even in the belly button in order to insert implants. There are a variety of types of breast implants that differ in volume, shape, materials, and filling. Breast implants are not permanent and will have to be replaced or removed five to ten years after this breast enhancement procedure, sometimes even sooner.

There are a number of risks and benefits that are associated with breast enhancement surgery. Complications from anesthesia, bleeding, and infection are rare but possible side effects associated with breast enhancement surgery. Bruising, swelling, and scarring are common following breast enhancement surgery. The typical recovery period for breast enhancement surgery is a few weeks to a few months. To determine if you are a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery, please contact us to speak to a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area.