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Chin Liposuction

Chin liposuction eliminates fat deposits from under the chin, using suction to break up and remove fat. Chin liposuction can help individuals with "weak"? or double chins attain a stronger profile and many chin liposuction patients combine the liposuction with a chin implant to further enhance their results.

In a chin liposuction procedure, the incisions are hidden by the jaw line and are usually extremely small. Doctors performing chin liposuction use a tiny titanium or stainless steel wand called a cannula, preventing chin liposuction patients from having to endure large incisions or excessive bleeding/bruising. Doctors using modern chin liposuction procedures have found that patients recover more quickly, and many individuals who have chin liposuction performed are able to return to work the next day, although many wait until the chin liposuction associated bandages are removed and swelling and bruising disappear.

Because the face is so visible, chin liposuction can drastically change the way people are viewed both by others and themselves. While chin liposuction removes minimal amounts of fat, it often makes patients appear pounds lighter and years younger.

Chin liposuction performed by a skilled plastic surgeon can work wonders for the patient's appearance. Individuals considering chin liposuction should consult a physician with their questions and learn as much as possible about the chin liposuction procedure. A qualified physician should be able to provide answers and may help you decide if chin liposuction is right for you.