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Blepharoplasty Photos

Blepharoplasty pictures can demonstrate the drastic improvements this procedure often makes in patients. By referring to various blepharoplasty pictures, patients can begin to project potential outcomes for their own procedures.

In many cases, blepharoplasty pictures come in a pair or a series, consisting of before and after shots. Combinations of blepharoplasty pictures may show the healing process as well as the final results of the procedure. Viewing blepharoplasty pictures, the patient can understand the potential advantages and complications of surgery. For instance, some blepharoplasty pictures may show scarring that can result from the traditional scalpel incision method while other blepharoplasty pictures, taken following laser blepharoplasty, will show no scarring. When they are taken immediately after surgery, blepharoplasty pictures sometimes include the swelling and bruising associated with the procedure. Over the course of time, blepharoplasty pictures will show the bruises fading and swelling subsiding, providing a visual example of recovery times. Blepharoplasty pictures can help patients understand the general style of a specific surgeon, and the more blepharoplasty pictures prospective patients examine from one doctor, the better they will understand that surgeon's methods.

Blepharoplasty Photos Provided by:
Dr. Vincent Makhlouf

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