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Hair Care

Hair damage is inevitable. From exposure to environmental detriments, to styling damage, sometimes the quest to look good can end up wreaking havoc on your hair. If coloring your hair or undergoing any other chemical process, a professional should be consulted so that the best, hair safe products can be used, limiting the damage to your hair and extending each treatment. 

The majority of styling products contain ingredients that can dry the hair or damage it, so try to style your hair in moderation, skipping it all together if possible. Ask your hair care professional which products contain hair-strengthening agents. By spending a few extra bucks you can protect your hair from things like alcohol and other damaging hair care formulas. 

Healthy hair care requires a balanced diet and daily exercise or else it will go into a resting phase, resulting in premature hair loss. Although dieting might be necessary considering Americans are currently at the highest rate for obesity of all time, which is tied to many life-threatening health conditions, the key not only to successful weight loss but to healthy hair care is to adopt a healthy weight loss plan that includes all the key food groups, like whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources with regular exercise.