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Restylane Results

The injectable filler Restylane is enjoying a booming popularity due mainly to Restylane results, which can last six months or longer, twice the length of collagen injections. The longevity of Restylane results is due to the key component of Restylane, hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in body tissues and is partially responsible for the skin's youthful appearance. Restylane results reflect the unique property of hyaluronic acid to bind to water up to 1000 times its volume. This means that even as hyaluronic acid is being reabsorbed into the body, Restylane results continue to be visible, due to the water that remains under the skin's surface.

Patients who chose Restylane can see Restylane results almost immediately, and the full effects will appear within a few days of treatment. Because Restylane results fade gradually and slowly, patients can decide whether or not to have "touch up" injections, or to allow the Restylane results to simply disappear over time. Many patients are reassured by this flexibility in maintaining their Restylane results, not wanting to commit to a permanent change just yet. The ability to fully reverse any Restylane results without a trace is yet another reason for its popularity.

Since hyaluronic acid is not an animal product and occurs naturally in the human body, patients can enjoy Restylane results without risk of allergic reactions or disease. This also eliminates the need for time-consuming allergy test, meaning that a patient can walk out with visible Restylane results immediately following consultation. Additionally, because this filler is synthetic, vegans and others opposed to the use of animal products are able to enjoy Restylane results as well.

This product is unprecedented in its ease of use, short recovery period and lasting effects. With recent FDA approval, Restylane results are now available to anyone who wants fuller lips, a more youthful appearance, and fewer wrinkles.