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Breast Augmentation Sizes

The emergence of cosmetic surgery and the ability to alter breast sizes has led to a variety of different breast augmentation sizes available. In the past, breast augmentation sizes were more radical but a new generation of patients has come to embrace the way that cosmetic surgery can help restore a more healthy and youthful appearance. What has been observed in recent years is a different trend as more housewives and older women choosing subtle breast augmentation sizes in order to refill any lost breast size from childbirths and aging.

In the 80s and 90s the more obvious, large breast augmentation sizes were popular, with women often seeking implants regardless of their body size and frames. What emerged was a more cartoon looking body shape, with the breast augmentation sizes often viewed as bigger is better.  Women in their 30s and 40s are now requesting a natural and more youthful breast contour that fits their bodies.

Bigger is Not Always Better

The smaller breast augmentation sizes have a lot of advantages that the larger breast augmentation sizes do not. Many women do not have a desire to stand out as a result of their breast augmentation sizes but have a more realistic appearance. Smaller breast augmentation sizes allow for a great ability to achieve a more natural, softer and more undetectable feeling. The most subtle breast contour changes can result in a considerably more youthful appearance that can also be easily disguised if patients do not wish to disclose their surgical choice.