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Rhinoplasty Surgery Photos

Rhinoplasty surgery photos are used for advertising, education, and comparison of results. Much like breast augmentation pictures, rhinoplasty surgery photos can show drastic changes or subtle ones.

Using a series of before and after rhinoplasty surgery photos, doctors are able to demonstrate a wide variety of possible solutions to prospective patients. These rhinoplasty surgery photos demonstrate potential surgical outcomes, if the prospective patient has similar features as the patient in the rhinoplasty surgery photos, and their goals for the surgery are also the same. In a number of cases, rhinoplasty surgery photos can actually be created on computer, using a before photo supplied by the candidate and post- rhinoplasty surgery photos showing the patient's new look. Patients and doctors may take advantage of these mock rhinoplasty surgery photos to "preview"? different styles of noses. Some practices allow individuals to email in pictures for these rhinoplasty surgery photos, providing potential patients with the opportunity to see how various doctors envision their surgical results. Rhinoplasty surgery photos that use actual before and after shots of a procedure should follow some guidelines. All rhinoplasty surgery photos of one individual should be taken from the same angle and with similar lighting. These rhinoplasty surgery photos should be taken when the individual is wearing no makeup or concealer. If possible, the rhinoplasty surgery photos should show a progression from immediately after surgery through various stages of healing. A series of rhinoplasty surgery photos will help patients form realistic expectations about recovery times and rates of progress.

To discuss rhinoplasty surgery photos, you may wish to visit a plastic surgeon familiar with rhinoplasty. While a large number of rhinoplasty surgery photos are available through the Internet and books, being able to ask doctors questions about specific rhinoplasty surgery photos can help prospective patients understand the various surgical techniques employed.