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Otoplasty Cost

Otoplasty cost is an important concern for many patients as they consider seeking this cosmetic surgery treatment for themselves or a loved one. Otoplasty is a simple and safe plastic surgery procedure performed in order to correct the size and shape of the ears to make them more proportional to the head and face. The ears have finished growing by the age of four years and patients are able to undergo this procedure at any time after this point. Otoplasty may be desirable in order to avoid the potential ridicule an individual might face because of their ears. When considering otoplasty cost and other important factors, it is also important that a child be willing to undergo this procedure and has an understanding of what is going to happen.

Because otoplasty is done for cosmetic (elective) purposes, otoplasty cost is rarely covered by health insurance. This means that a patient (and their family, if the patient is a minor) will be required to cover otoplasty cost. National otoplasty cost statistics reveal that more than seventy five million dollars was spent on otoplasty surgery in 2003 alone. The national average otoplasty cost for that same year was $2,762. This average otoplasty cost may not include other compulsory costs required to complete the procedure.

The national statistics for otoplasty cost averages reflect the monetary cost of the actual surgical procedure but this does not cover the cost of pre-surgical evaluations, operating room fees, anesthesia fees, and after care follow-up visits and medications. Many plastic surgeons will provide a surgery consultation for little or no otoplasty cost, as this fee is considered inclusive to the surgery cost. Operating room costs can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the location of the surgery, the particular surgeon, and where the surgery will be performed. Otoplasty can be performed in a hospital, a surgical center, or a doctor's office. The average otoplasty cost for operating room fees ranges from $650 to $1850.

Anesthesia fees are generally not included in the surgical otoplasty cost. The preferred anesthesia for an otoplasty procedure is a local anesthetic with a mild sedative. When it is in the best interest of the patient, a surgeon might suggest general anesthesia that will allow the patient to sleep through the procedure. The average otoplasty cost for anesthesia ranges from $350 to $800. Otoplasty cost may also involve pain or antibiotic prescriptions as part of the aftercare treatment. This otoplasty cost is generally not included in the surgical fee for this procedure.

There are a number of affordable ways to pay otoplasty cost. Some patients may have saved enough cash to cover the procedure, while the majority will work out a payment plan to cover the otoplasty cost. Most surgeons will accept credit cards but these can invoke large interest fees and other penalties. For this reason, many plastic surgeons provide other payment options, offered directly by the surgeon or through an independent financial organization. Regardless of a patient's financial position, there is almost always a good payment plan available to feasibly and affordably cover the otoplasty cost.