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Secondary Rhinoplasty

Arguably the most important aspect of undergoing cosmetic surgery is choosing a reputable and qualified surgeon. The enormous growth of cosmetic surgery in recent years has resulted in a surge of various people calling themselves "plastic surgeons,"? despite lacking education, experience, training, certifications and knowledge to safely and effectively perform the procedures. Not only do patients risk suffering potentially deadly health effects from improper surgical techniques, but the goal of cosmetic surgery- an improved aesthetic appearance- can be botched.

A rhinoplasty surgery is a "nose job,"? intended to improve the shape of the nose. Rhinoplasty, while a popular cosmetic surgery procedure, can be difficult to achieve a balanced, natural, pleasing look. When a patient ends up with a bad rhinoplasty and wishes to undergo another procedure to fix the first cosmetic procedure, it is called a secondary rhinoplasty.

If failing to visit a qualified cosmetic surgeon for the first procedure, it is especially important for the patient to have the revision surgery from a surgeon they trust. Secondary rhinoplasty patients are often understandably upset, but cosmetic surgeons with experience with secondary rhinoplasty understand the importance of building trust and opening up the lines of communication with the patient so that the desired goals of the patient can finally be met.

A skilled cosmetic surgeon not only understands how to advise patients of what goals may or not be realistic, but the surgeon is also able to professionally recommend techniques or looks without pushing a patient to something they are not comfortable with. Some secondary rhinoplasty patients choose to repair the initial surgery because they ended up with a look that they never wanted in the first place.

Since a previous rhinoplasty was already performed, there is scar tissue that could affect the desired changes. There are many reasons why a patient will choose to undergo a secondary rhinoplasty, but a couple common reasons a patient will consider an additional surgery are because of an appearance of a high, pinched or rounded tip, the nose is not symmetrical, or the nose appears too wide.

Not all corrections will be achievable, but with secondary rhinoplasty a patient must be able to communicate his/her concerns and questions regarding the often technically challenging procedure. Secondary rhinoplasty has the ability to meet patient goals that were not achieved in a previous surgery.

For more information on secondary rhinoplasty and how it may benefit you, please contact us to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.