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Standard vs. High Profile

Along with the shape and texture of an implant, there are different profiles that can be acheived.  Standard breast implants are designed so that as the volume (size) of the implant increases, the diameter and the projection also increase. High profile implants increase the projection of the breast by reducing the diameter.  Choosing one or the other varies among women based on the overall appearance desired.

Standard Implants

Standard implants have been designed so that most women who seek a larger volume implant will be able to physically accommodate the diameter and projection of the implant.  The idea follows the assumption that women with smaller frames will benefit most from a smaller implant, whereas women with bigger frames will need a larger volume implant and will be able to accommodate the related increase in diameter. 

High Profile Implants

In 1991 the high profile implant was made available, giving cosmetic surgery patients options in choosing the projection of their implants.  The profile, or projection, of the implant is measured by how far the implant sticks out from the body.  The high profile implants were made by maintaining the same volume as the standard implant, but reducing its diameter or base size.  This makes the high profile implants stick out further than the standard implants of the same volume.

Some studies have shown that the high profile implant may have a lower risk of rippling compared to its standard counterpart.  For aesthetic purposes, high profile implants may be beneficial for women who wish to have a larger volume implant with a smaller diameter than the standard implants.  High profile implants may provide patients seeking large breast enhancement a more natural looking implant option.

Acheiving a Natural Look

Some experts believe that the high profile implants provide a more naturally looking result when viewed from the side. Other individuals feel that the high profile implants are not as natural looking as the standard implants. Unlike other standard implants, high profile saline implants can only be filled at the initial time of surgery. To some patients who seek expandable implants, this may be a drawback to high profile implants.