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Chemical Peel Kits

Chemical peel kits provide individuals the benefits of a chemical peel from the comfort of their own homes. Chemical peel kits usually contain the same chemicals as physician-administered peels in weaker concentrations that allow the chemical peel kit to be used without medical supervision. The lower amounts of chemicals also mean that chemical peel kits have a lower risk of side effects, including blistering and burning. Individuals choosing a home chemical peel kit over medically-supervised peels often need only minor corrections to wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Chemical peel kits are available through a variety of sources, including online stores and dermatologists. The price of chemical peel kits is usually markedly less than that of the medical alternative, although some chemical peel kits need more than one application to achieve the desired effect. The typical ingredients in a chemical peel kit include salicylic acid, resorcinol, PPT, sulfur, and phenol. (The amount of phenol contained in a chemical peel kit is minimal"�?these are not phenol chemical peels. Manufacturers of the home chemical peel kits point out that many drugstore products contain similar trace amounts of phenol.) Following application, chemical peel kit users sometimes feel a slight burning sensation, which indicates the product is working. After the chemical peel kit is removed, the dead skin will begin to peel away without discomfort. Individuals using the chemical peel kit should not use any products without direction from the manufacturer until the peeling process stops. Chemical peel kit users should also take care to protect new skin with careful application of sunscreen.

A chemical peel kit offers a number of the same benefits as a medically supervised peel, and most chemical peel kits are a small fraction of the cost. If you are interested in learning more about chemical peel kits and whether or not one is right for you, contact a dermatologist or the manufacturer of a chemical peel kit for additional information specific to your needs.