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Split Ends

With all the styling products, tools and environmental effects, your hair cuticle wears down, forming split ends.  The only way to repair split ends is to trim the ends off before they split up, which is why regular hair trims are recommended. By limiting exposure to over styling and using a deep conditioning treatment regularly to keep strands flexible to protect against damage, split ends can be avoided. 

In the past, the idea of brushing your hair 100 strokes every night was the routine for shiny, beautiful hair. We know that is not actually the case. Excessive brushing pulls on the hair follicles and weakens the strands, resulting in breakage and split ends.

Split ends are more likely to develop in dry or brittle hair, but anyone can fall victim to the hair damage. Classic split ends start when large areas of the cuticle have split away, showing the cortex underneath. The crack begins to run back up the hair shaft, and if it is really severe hair damage, the cortex will burst out of the hair. 

Usually, split ends are noticeable near the edges of the hair, but depending on individual hair quality, any added protection will affect the length of time the hair can grow without visible split ends. Although split ends cannot be repaired, conditioning is able to slow down natural weathering by adding moisture to the cortex. 

Even though stylists are supposed to examine hair before adding any chemical treatment to determine if it is strong enough to hold up and if the styling will produce too much damage, but if visiting an inadequately trained professional, the results could be disastrous and lead to split ends, breakage and dry, brittle hair. Hair damage is the cumulative effect, starting with weakened hair and leading to the cuticle breaking down, disappearing layer by layer and exposing the cortex and leading to split ends and hair breakage. 

Most people have hair that can resist moderate daily abuse, but damaged hair is fairly common and the results can be frustrating. Hair has its limit, and once enough damage has been suffered and serious damage has occurred, the only thing to do is to cut the hair off. Failing to trim the split ends, despite wanting to keep it long or grow it out, will only allow more damage. 

By making a conscious effort to limit exposure to styling products that can weaken the hair, as well as eating a nutritious, well balanced diet, you can help prevent split ends from dulling your hair’s appearance.