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Weekend Facelift

The weekend facelift is allowing more people to reverse the signs of aging without putting a hold on their lives. A weekend facelift is for jowls and a little loose skin in the neck. While it does not have the same extensive results a full surgical facelift can have, weekend facelifts allow people to go back to work quickly and reduce the risk of complications.

Because the weekend facelift will not be as effective for more advanced signs of aging, the procedure is ideal for a younger population. The younger population of cosmetic procedure patients has been turning to less invasive cosmetic procedures at an earlier age before visible signs of aging are apparent, a more preventive approach to cosmetic surgery. The weekend facelift has been an effective solution for selected, isolated problems around the face.

Saving both time and money, the weekend facelift is much less invasive. Even though the weekend facelift is still surgical, so patients must be in pretty good health, just tiny incisions made and hidden in the hairline allows patients to avoid the normal two to three weeks it can take to heal from a full facelift. Just a local anesthetic is needed, so patients can also avoid the grogginess that accompanies a full facelift requiring a general anesthesia by undergoing the weekend facelift. Within a day or two, the weekend facelift patient should feel back to normal.

Opposed to conventional facelift surgery, the weekend facelift has a more natural appearance. Weekend facelift patients also like how the procedure does not give them a "pulled look", and that it minimizes the scars. With the fast healing time, a weekend facelift is able to give patients a more refreshed, recharged appearance without the look of major surgery or anyone knowing the procedure was performed if they would like to keep it private.

Just like with any type of cosmetic procedure, a patient must first be completely evaluated to make sure he/she is qualified to undergo the weekend facelift. Patients should understand the limitations of cosmetic surgical procedures and be realistic about the outcome. The weekend facelift has become a very popular cosmetic procedure, with its many benefits enjoyed by patients of all types.

The weekend facelift might be a good alternative to more invasive procedures if the patient does not have advanced signs of aging already. Described as having virtually no pain, as well as very minimal downtime, minimal incisions, no use of general anesthesia, a natural looking result and costing much less than a full facelift, the weekend facelift has provided a lot of patients with a dramatically improved appearance.

Before deciding if a weekend facelift can benefit you, a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon must first complete a thorough evaluation to determine the benefits and the risks of the procedure. Since a weekend facelift is an elective, purely aesthetic procedure, surgeons must understand what the patient's full benefits versus risks are before determining if he/she is an ideal candidate.