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Breast Reduction Surgeons

Breast reduction surgeons usually specialize in multiple areas of cosmetic surgery, not just breast reductions. Many breast reduction surgeons belong to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, an organization for cosmetic surgeons.

Finding a Breast Reduction Surgeon

Finding a breast reduction surgeon can seem like a daunting task, but there are a number of ways to identify breast reduction surgeons who are reputable. First, you should check to be certain that the breast reduction surgeon is board-certified, and also inquire as to their membership in ASPS. Board-certified breast reduction surgeons have passed strict training requirements and have proven their skill as a breast reduction surgeon, and the certifying boards have certain standards of care that all breast reduction surgeons who are members must uphold. Contact us to find a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

Initial Consultation

When conducting your consultation with the breast reduction surgeon, be certain to mention any medical history or personal information you think the breast reduction surgeon should know (e.g. if you smoke, prior surgeries, etc.). The more information that the breast reduction surgeon has, the better advice you will get about your personal risks and requirements. Ask the breast reduction surgeon to thoroughly explain the procedure to you, and ask any questions you have; the breast reduction surgeon should be able to answer them, and you will probably feel more comfortable about your breast reduction surgeon and the procedure in general following the consultation.

Follow Up Care

After surgery, the breast reduction surgeon will most likely want to see you again to monitor the healing process. Your breast reduction surgeon may also give you instructions to follow to speed healing and prevent infection. Follow your breast reduction surgeon's instructions carefully and call immediately if you suspect infection or another complication you think the breast reduction surgeon should know about.