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Sclerotherapy Treatment

Sclerotherapy treatment uses injections of sclerosing solution, reduce or eliminate "spider"? and varicose veins. Various sclerotherapy treatments are available, depending upon the severity and extent of the problem.

Many patients who choose sclerotherapy treatment have severe varicose veins, mainly in their legs. In some of these cases, the sclerotherapy treatment helps prevent new varicose veins from forming, although this is not always the case; generally sclerotherapy treatment is considered a strictly cosmetic procedure. The patient and doctor should meet prior to the sclerotherapy treatment to discuss the patient's medical history and reasonable expectations for the outcome of the sclerotherapy treatment. This procedure is usually conducted on an outpatient basis, allowing the individual receiving sclerotherapy treatment to return home immediately following the procedure. The doctor who conducts the sclerotherapy treatment inserts a very small needle, injecting the sclerosing solution into the problem area. Various sclerotherapy treatments use different strengths of the solution, based on the size of the vessel. Following sclerotherapy treatment, the patient's legs are wrapped bandages and/or support hose, applying external pressure. The compression after sclerotherapy treatment seals the vein walls together, allowing the body to break down and absorb the vein. Sclerotherapy treatment is considered complete when the vein is no longer visible. Sometimes multiple sclerotherapy treatments are required to achieve optimal results, usually with four to six weeks between one sclerotherapy treatment and the next, allowing time for the body to respond.

Individuals who wish to learn more about sclerotherapy treatment may wish to contact a doctor who has some experience with sclerotherapy treatments.