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Dehydrated Skin

There are many different skin types, but often, people with dehydrated skin mistake their condition for dry skin. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture and should not be treated the same as dry skin, which results when the skin produces inadequate oil or sebum.

Because dehydrated skin is the result of upset moisture level, and not because of heredity or aging, like dry skin, treatment should differ between the two skin conditions. Sufferers of dehydrated skin often make the mistake of slathering thick face creams onto their skin, which can make it become blemished because it is too rich.

Even people with oily skin types can suffer from dehydrated skin. Indicators that dehydrated skin is present is sometimes evident if experiencing areas of flaky skin, patches of sensitive areas that are blotchy or become reddened easily, skin tightness or discomfort, dull complexion, difficulty in blending or putting on makeup and flare up of adult acne. Dehydrated skin can cause fine lines and creases to become more evident, but there are ways of reversing these unwelcome appearances.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to dehydrated skin, including environmental factors and exposure to central heating, which can suck the moisture from your skin. A key factor in eliminating dehydrated skin is to find moisturizing products that contain humectants to seal the moisture in. Keeping your skin protected from the sun and trying to minimize exposure to centrally heated rooms will help keep your skin hydrated. If exposure to central heating is unavoidable, the use of a humidifier can help put moisture back into the air and back into your skin.

The most important step in eliminating dehydrated skin, however, is to drink plenty of water. While it is important to hydrate from the outside in, it is even more important to hydrate from the inside out. In addition to being essential for survival, getting enough water is essential for healthy skin and combating dehydrated skin.

By keeping in mind two important steps "“ moisturizing and staying hydrated "“ you can help save your skin from becoming dehydrated.