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Hair Transplantation Photos

Hair transplantation pictures show the wide range of changes made possible by this procedure. The differences visible in hair transplantation pictures can be subtle or dramatic. Looking at a variety of hair transplantation pictures, you can see the results created by different styles and techniques. To be effective, hair transplantation pictures should use the same camera angles and lighting for “before” and “after” photos. The persons in hair transplantation pictures should have their hair styled naturally, preferably with similar styles in both sets of hair transplantation pictures.

In some instances, the process may be most accurately portrayed by a series of hair transplantation pictures taken over a period of weeks or months, so that individuals understand the amount of time required for final results. Hair transplantation pictures of multiple patients treated by the same doctor will indicate that physician’s style, and prospective patients may wish to review hair transplantation pictures featuring techniques and styles similar to their own.

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