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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery uses implant devices to increase the patient's breast size. In most cases, breast augmentation surgery is strictly a cosmetic increase, but many breast cancer survivors use breast augmentation surgery to repair damage done during their cancer treatments.

Before the Operation

The plastic surgeon performing breast augmentation surgery should have at least one preoperative meeting to discuss the patient and doctor's expectations for breast augmentation surgery, outline the risks and benefits, and plan procedures for the individual's actual breast augmentation surgery. This meeting should cover the patient's medical history, and determine if she is a good breast augmentation surgery candidate (she is in good health and has no conditions that would prevent breast augmentation surgery).

Determining the Type of Surgery

Once the surgeon and patient have conferred and agreed on the desired outcome of the breast augmentation surgery, they will set a date for the operation to take place. They will also decide on the type of breast augmentation surgery and implants to be used.

There are a number of ways to make incisions. Some breast augmentation surgery results in a scar around the crease of the breast and the areola. Recent breast augmentation surgery techniques disguise scarring by inserting the implant through incisions in the armpit or navel. Breast augmentation surgery where the implant is placed below the muscle tissue usually require general anesthetic, while breast augmentation surgery that places the implant above the muscle tissue can use only sedation and local anesthetic.


Breast augmentation surgery is major surgery, but most patients should be able to return home within hours of their breast augmentation surgery. There is usually considerable soreness and limitation of movement, but pain varies with each person. Breast augmentation surgery, like all surgery, involves some risk of infection, so patients should be careful after breast augmentation surgery to keep the incision clean and call their doctor at the first sign of infection.