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Calf Implants

Some calf implants candidates may wish to have a more defined, muscular result after being unable to increase muscle mass in that region despite weight training. The difference between the upper leg region and lower leg region may not be balanced, which calf implants can help achieve. Some women will inquire about calf implants to add to an otherwise curvaceous figure.

While the majority of cosmetic surgery is still performed on women, with calf implants the popularity has been for both men and women. Men often complain of having "chicken legs", and for workout buffs that are able to build up their upper bodies and upper leg area, the frustration of not having pleasing results in their calves can lead to dissatisfaction. By placing the incisions for the calf implants behind the knee in the natural crease, surgeons are able to mask any visible scars.

Calf implants became available in 1979, though the widespread surge in cosmetic surgery popularity has been in recent years. Individuals are able to pick out the size, shape and location of the calf implants after discussing options with their surgeon. The surgeon will be able to fully discuss the options after a complete evaluation and taking measurements so that the patient is assured he/she chooses the calf implants that will meet individual surgical goals. Implants are made to closely resemble the two sides of the main calf muscle to produce the most natural appearing look.

Some patients will choose calf implants because of bowing legs. Depending on what type of look or correction the patient is wishing to achieve, the calf implants may be placed on the inside of each leg, the outside of each leg or both sides. Though cosmetic surgery can successfully achieve many different goals, calf implants are not for everyone. Patients leading an especially active lifestyle may be cautioned against calf implants because any additional weight at that point in their legs can affect their athletic performance.

Calf implants have been able to successfully balance and better proportion legs, as well as to alter legs that do not appear pleasing to the patient's eye. The option to have cosmetic surgery procedures has allowed many patients to increase their confidence and feel better about him/herself. Calf implants, as well as other cosmetic procedures, are merely a way to physically enhance features and should not be used on patients with poor self-esteem. Even though cosmetic surgery has the ability to promote healthy attitudes, it should be used only on patients psychologically, emotionally and physically healthy.