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The Thermalift procedure is a new introduction to cosmetic surgery as an alternative to a surgical facelift. A nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure, Thermalift is able to lift the face, brow and cheeks by utilizing a radiofrequency device. Although Thermalift cannot be compared to a surgical facelift, from a safety standpoint and a convenience factor many patients without the need for immediate, dramatic results have found the latest development an exciting breakthrough in cosmetic surgery.

Using the RF device, the plastic surgeon will deliver deep and intense heat into the dermis while still protecting the epidermis. Thermalift is believed to deliver its results by stimulating the cells with the heat in order to produce new collagen, which is why the visible results can take anywhere from one to six months. Only certain areas of the face will be treated with the Thermalift, so there is less pain than most other conventional procedures.

Since deep heat is used to treat the patient, an anesthetic cream will be applied an hour prior to the procedure for pain reduction. The cosmetic surgeon will use a cryogen spray just before and after each RF pulse to diminish the heat's effect as well. Another benefit of the Thermalift procedure is the ability for the patient to almost immediately resume normal activity. The entire procedure will take just a couple hours, with no swelling, bruising or pain experienced in most instances.