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Breast Lifts

Many candidates for breast lift surgery are unhappy with the loss of skin elasticity, which causes the breasts to sag. Breast lifts allow women to counteract the effects of gravity, pregnancy and age; a surgical breast lift removes the excess skin, returning the breast to its former youthful appearance. In some circumstances, breast lifts are combined with breast implants to provide optimal results, but even a breast lift alone can make a significant improvement in appearance.

In a meeting prior to the breast lift surgery, the patient and plastic surgeon will discuss their expectations for the results of the breast lift, including size and shape. The surgeon will also investigate the medical history of the breast lift surgery candidate, to ensure that the procedure is appropriate for the individual.

Recent advances in breast lift techniques make it possible for many patients to enjoy the benefits of a breast lift with minimal scarring and post-operative discomfort. The size of the patient's breasts influences the types of breast lift techniques that can be used successfully, and patients with very large breasts may need traditional breast lifts, which leave a large, anchor-shaped scar. Patients who do not need the more extensive breast lift may use a more recent style of surgery, resulting in minimal scarring around the areola.

Breast lifts of any kind do leave a permanent scar, and the results of breast lifts are not permanent; most patients will need an additional breast lift within fifteen years, less than that if they do not wear bras regularly. The breast lift is not an immediate solution, it takes months for scars to heal and fade. Good breast lift candidates will thoroughly review the available information and understand all of the possible breast lift consequences and complications.