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The perfect tan has become essential to year round beauty; however, protecting your skin is even more of a necessity. This is why so many companies have introduced tanning products that enable consumers to have that bronzed glow without putting themselves at risk for skin cancer. From lotions to sprays, there are endless possibilities available to those looking for that perfect summer glow.

What Types of Self-Tanners Are Available?

With so many self-tanners now on the market, it can be hard to determine which method and brand is best for you and your skin. Also, all self-tanners work differently and are meant to be used for different purposes.

However, there are several different self-tanners that are all beneficial in attaining color, no matter what time of year it is. They include:

  • Self-Tanning Creams- These creams are unique since they not only moisturize your skin, but they add extra color as well. Creams are typically meant to be used on your face.
  • Tanning Spray- Whether you go to a tanning salon to have yourself professionally sprayed or you choose to buy yours from the store and take control yourself, tanning sprays are an excellent option to achieve color that will last for up to five days
  • Tinted Lotions- For those just looking to add a little more color to their already bronzed skin, tinted lotions are the way to go. These moisturizers are made to bring out your skins natural pigment.

How Do Self-Tanners Work?

Depending on what type of self-tanner you choose, each product is applied differently and lasts for various periods of time. While lotions and creams can easily wash off within a couple of days, spray self-tanners can last for up to a week.

The lotions and creams are meant to be applied after you've showered and work best when your skin has been exfoliated. At home spray tanners can be applied in the same manner as the lotions and when you go to a salon to have yourself professionally misted, you'll only have to spare 30 seconds of your busy day.

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