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Vaser Lipoplasty

Vaser lipoplasty is considered a second-generation ultrasound device. Currently, liposuction is the most performed cosmetic surgery procedure and researchers are constantly trying to develop more effective, less invasive, more desirable effects. In 2003 alone, 384,626 liposuction procedures were performed in the U.S. The latest liposuction device created by Sound Surgical Technologies, Vaser lipoplasty can minimize vibratory power and maximize efficiency.

Vaser lipoplasty is able to selectively target fat using its ultrasound energy, which can also preserve structures. Patients that undergo Vaser lipoplasty opposed to the traditional liposuction techniques experience less pain during the procedure and less bruising and soreness following. Since Vaser lipoplasty utilizes an ultrasound, the fat is turned into liquid making it easier to be suctioned out after. This allows for a more gentle experience as a result.

The Vaser lipoplasty probe measures in a smaller profile than probes other ultrasonic surgeries utilize. The advantage of the smaller probe is that a smaller incision can be made and risks of complications are reduced since the vibratory power through the tissue matrix is reduced. Many Vaser lipoplasty patients find that the results are smoother.

The most popular liposuction procedures performed are in the "saddlebag" or "tummy pouch" areas for women and in the "love handles" for men. Some industry experts believe Vaser lipoplasty will become the standard in liposuction techniques. The ability to have less risk for complications and quicker recovery time is especially appealing about Vaser lipoplasty. In a time where working professionals want to be able to take minimal time off of their normal schedules, non-invasive cosmetic procedures have become dramatically more demanding.

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