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Botox Parties

One recent trend has been the phenomena of "Botox parties"? which are social gatherings where Botox injections are performed for cosmetic purposes. Recently Botox parties have been taking place in businesses such as clothing boutiques and spas. Botox parties had their inception in people's homes, however. Groups of people gather to socialize, eat and drink. A room off of the party usually has a doctor and sterilized needles. The people gradually get their injections throughout the night.

Many doctors have these parties because they are able to buy a large amount of Botox at discounted prices. They administer them in this non-hospital setting, a trend that is troubling to some. They also have a large group of money paying customers. The Botox recipients tend to pay a lower amount at a Botox party than at an official individual treatment. Many doctors and even the FDA have complained that Botox parties can be dangerous because there is usually no system set up to handle emergencies or to monitor the procedures.

Although Botox has been seen to be safe, especially when administered in such low and sterilized doses, there does remain the risk of serious side effects. There remains the risk of possible Botox effects spreading throughout the area of injection. There are also possibilities of unwanted side effects such as bruising, nausea, flu-like symptoms, or allergic reactions. Alcohol drinking can make bruising around the injection area worse. Side effects that occur during Botox parties may be harder or more dangerous to treat at the time. People who receive Botox injections should do so only in a medical setting and with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Botox parties are seen as a way for people to watch the effects of the drug injection firsthand, though true results may take up to a few days. The parties are also popular because of the affordability that occurs in a non-medical setting. Since the Botox was probably bought in bulk form, the costs will be less as well.

Doctors who host Botox parties say the setting is more relaxing for patients. Many parties occur by invitation only, and take place solely for previous patients. Doctors stress that at many Botox parties medical standards are in place and the surgical procedure is given in a sterilized manner.

Other Doctors and professionals are concerned that Botox parties are trivializing medical procedures. There is some concern about Botox injections being given by non-doctors, or even non-medical staff. Because Botox is seen as being so safe, injections are readily available in such non-medical places as spas, clothing stores, gyms, and offices. Some concern about this practice is circulating in the medical community. There have been instances of "fake"? or undiluted Botox being administered under non-medical conditions with serious side effects.

In order to be safe, make sure and get your Botox injections from your certified-board plastic surgeon in a safe, medical environment with emergency equipment.