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Thermalift Procedure

Popularity of the Thermalift procedure has been growing as the number of non-surgical cosmetic surgery options has continued to appeal to a new trend of cosmetic surgery patients. More and more, patients are beginning to introduce minor, non-invasive cosmetic procedures, like the Thermalift procedure, into their maintenance routines. Unlike traditional facelifts, the Thermalift procedure allows patients that have not yet experienced advanced signs of aging to approach their aesthetic appearance in a more preventative and natural manner instead of reacting to obvious signs of aging that require a more dramatic enhancement technique.

The Thermalift procedure is an advanced way of tightening skin without the need for incisions, drugs or recovery time. By using an advanced radiofrequency device, the Thermalift procedure protects the top layers of the skin with a cooling spray while radiofrequency energy heats the collagen in the lower layers. The heating action causes deep structures of the skin to immediately tighten, and for up to six months the Thermalift procedure will gradually fully appear as new collagen grows to further tighten the skin.

A subtle but more youthful appearance within just a few minutes to an hour is enjoyed after the Thermalift procedure is performed in a safe manner. Unlike other aesthetic procedures, no surgery, chemicals, needles, incisions or laser are needed, in addition to the benefit of avoiding significant downtime. The key to Thermalift procedure's effectiveness is attributed to the treatment tip that is able to both heat and cool the skin at the same time.

Cosmetic surgery trends have shifted and will continue to shift over time with the introduction of new methods and techniques. A greater focus over recent years has been geared towards procedures that are minimally invasive with little downtime, as the Thermalift procedure can promote. The high demand for cosmetic surgery has forced science and technology to keep up with the need for more improved techniques, which has allowed the trend from invasive surgery to non-invasive procedures to exist.

Depending on how advanced the patient's aging is will determine how many Thermalift procedures will be necessary to produce pleasing results. A knowledgeable and reputable cosmetic surgeon can assess this. Although Thermalift procedures can take just minutes and leave no visible signs of work, patients must still carefully consider their cosmetic surgeon first. The Thermalift procedure has been studied in hundreds of patients and has shown minimal reports of lasting adverse effects, but in order to operate the sophisticated treatment tip, the administrator must be properly skilled.

For the right patient, the Thermalift procedure can produce very satisfying results. Thermalift procedure will be best for patients looking for a subtle tightening of middle-aged skin. The majority of patients will experience little discomfort, though some patients complain the Thermalift procedure causes a pinch or a burn feeling. For an age-defying option, Thermalift procedures are a great way of achieving a natural and subtle more rested, youthful and smoother you.