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Liposuction Alternatives

Liposuction alternatives offer individuals ways to avoid a surgical procedure to reshape their bodies. Some liposuction alternatives feature acceptance of the individual body shape, or a "natural"? approach to body sculpturing, while other liposuction alternatives are holistic approaches or use herbal remedies or non-traditional treatments to treat the problem.

Natural liposuction alternatives include dieting and exercise, the combination of which boosts metabolism. This particular liposuction alternative relies on the body's ability to rid itself of fatty tissue in specialized areas; these liposuction alternatives vary by individual- for some people, they only alter body shape to a point. Other liposuction alternative recommendations include dressing to conceal body flaws, or simply ignoring them, the sort of liposuction alternatives that can be difficult to accept when you know that change is possible.

Some non-traditional liposuction alternatives claim to offer the same benefits without the surgery. A number of these non-surgical liposuction alternatives, such as seaweed wraps, are not considered medical treatments by the FDA. These liposuction alternatives are therefore not held to the same advertising guidelines as the medical liposuction alternatives. Without FDA supervision, treatment centers are not required to conduct studies proving their advertised claims. Liposuction alternatives that are not medical in nature may provide short-term results, but most such liposuction alternatives have not been proven to have the long-lasting effects of liposuction.