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After Scar Revision

After any kind of scar revision there is an important period of recovery that must be followed very carefully. If the full recovery period and therapies are not maintained then the scar revision surgery’s wounds may not heal correctly. This could compound the scarification problem with additional scars appearing on torn stitching.

Scar revision surgery may also leave serious swelling or redness that tends to go away with time. These types of surgery may make a scar’s appearance worsen, which will seem worrisome. This kind of scar swelling or disfigurement tends to lesson over time. A scar or skin related surgery almost always has postoperative issues of some sort.

Some amount of physical therapy may be involved in your recovery as well. Be sure and discuss all aftercare with your certified board plastic surgeon. Attending physical therapy appointments will insure proper healing and recovery from any surgery. Failure to attend your recovery sessions could lead to a lack of recovery or a reversion to the preoperative state.

It is important to remember that no scar revision surgery can remove a scar completely. Scar revision can, however, significantly reduce the effects of a scar. Proper aftercare and maintenance of your board certified plastic surgeon’s advice is imperative in making a complete recovery.