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TCA Chemical Peels

TCA chemical peels are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that can greatly improve the appearance of the skin by eliminating the damaged outer layers. TCA chemical peels are one option among many chemical peels available to treat fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin pigmentation, acne scars, and other skin imperfections of the face, hands, and neck.

Chemical peels are the most popular skin resurfacing techniques performed in the United States due to their ability to provide drastic skin improvement with a low risk of side effects. In 2003 alone, more than 772,000 people underwent a chemical peel procedure in the United States; a 46 percent increase from the previous year. The average cost of full facial TCA chemical peels is approximately one thousand dollars, not including possible related expenses.

TCA chemical peels are the mid range chemical treatment option available to treat skin imperfections. Alphahydroxy acid (AHA) and similar formulations provide the lightest chemical peel, while phenol chemical peels affect the deepest layers of skin. TCA chemical peels are formulated using trichloroacetic acid that provides a medium depth skin peeling. TCA chemical peels can smooth superficial wrinkles, correct pigment disparities, and improve the appearance of other skin imperfections on the face, neck and other areas of the body.

Most states do not require that TCA chemical peels be administered by a medical doctor, though it is important to ensure that you receive TCA chemical peels from a qualified and experienced professional. This expert can help determine what treatment plan would be most beneficial for you based on your medical history, current skin condition, and other factors. TCA chemical peels tend to work best on people with darker skin. Some TCA chemical peels require pre-treatment with AHA creams or the like.

The TCA chemical peel procedure takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The qualified professional will clean the patient's skin thoroughly and then apply the TCA chemical peel. The patient does not generally need anesthesia during the procedure, though it is common to feel a stinging sensation during the treatment. A doctor can prescribe a mild pain reliever to mitigate any pain or throbbing experienced after TCA chemical peels. Some swelling may also occur after TCA chemical peels.

Usually a few sessions of TCA chemical peels are necessary to achieve the desired affect. It is vital to follow all patient aftercare instructions in order to reduce the risk of complications from TCA chemical peels. Patients who have received TCA chemical peels will be sensitive to the sun, and therefore it is crucial to properly protect the skin. The recovery period for TCA chemical peels averages about a week or two during which time patients may experience so redness, irritation, and discomforted in the treated areas. A week or two after TCA chemical peels, patients will begin to notice the new skin and the improvements made to their appearance. Overall, TCA chemical peels can be an effective and satisfying way to reduce imperfections and enhance the skin's appearance.