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Breast Implants Cost

In 2007, the national average breast implants cost ranged between $3000 - $8000. In that same year, almost two hundred million dollars was spent of breast implant cost procedures. However, the national breast implant cost averages generally do not include a number of costs associated with breast implant surgery. Breast implants cost more than this average when other factors are included in the estimated cost. There are pre-surgical consultation fees, hospital fees, anesthesia fees, prescription drug fees, post operative care, and other potential costs.

Breast Implant Cost Variables

The cost of breast implants can vary and depending on a variety of factors.

  • the individual nature of a patient's procedure
  • what is covered in the costs
  • what surgeon is performing the surgery

It is important to note that choosing a surgeon based on the cost is not likely to yield the highest level of satisfaction. It is much more important to seek the quality service of a board certified surgeon who keeps your best interest in mind throughout the entire process. It is important to look into not only what breast implants cost, but the reputation and competence of your chosen surgeon, the risks and benefits of breast implants and all other relevant matters.

Post-Surgery Breast Implant Costs

When evaluating what breast implants cost, it is essential to consider the cost of subsequent health visits, non-surgical treatments, and re-operation or breast implant removal in the future. Breast implants do not last a lifetime and average seven to ten years before they must be removed and/or replaced. Some breast implants can cause serious complications within the first few months, meaning that subsequent corrective or removal breast implants cost more than what might have initially been anticipated.

Insurance Coverage

In general health insurance companies do not cover breast implants cost. They will also not cover subsequent breast implants cost when re-operation is necessary, even for health purposes. In some cases an insurance company will change a person's coverage or drop coverage if they know that they have had breast implant surgery. If the breast implant surgery is for reconstructive purposes after a mastectomy, insurance companies are required to cover the procedure. The 1998 Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act requires that insurance companies who cover mastectomy surgery must also cover reconstructive breast implant cost.

Contact A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Near You

There are a variety of ways to make breast implants cost manageable for patients who are not covered by health insurance. Many plastic surgeons have a few options for patients to cover breast implants cost. A direct payment plan, a payment plan established with an independent financial group, or financial loans may be available to feasibly pay what breast implants cost. If you are interested in getting a better idea of what breast implants cost based on your own personal case, you may wish to contact a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. To learn more about breast implants, please contact us to confer with a certified plastic surgeon in your area.