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Frustrating Bangs

Hairstyles come and go. One-minute bangs are in, and another minute they are out.  Deciding to go for a new look can be rewarding and reveal a feeling and attitude absent before. Changing your style can mean a whole new grooming routine, which can require experimenting with different hair products, tools and techniques. 

The addition of bangs allows experimentation with a new look without too much risk.  Long gone are the days where bangs meant a simple straight across cut. Bangs can be worn in all different ways and styles, and the key to avoiding frustrating bangs is to find a style that flatters your hair type and face and features. 

As with any haircut, take your time determining the type of bangs that best complements your face shape. The variety of bangs, from long and blunt to side-swept and wispy, means finding a style without having to encounter frustrating bangs is easier than ever. A hair professional should take into consideration your hair type, your lifestyle and your features before recommending what type of bangs might work the best for you, while flattering and bringing out your best features. 

Suffering from frustrating bangs? The trick is often in the way they are styled when first stepping out of the shower. Blow-drying just the roots after applying a lightweight shine serum from above and below will keep your bangs from looking too big or too limp.  Keep the ends a little damp so that you can manipulate the direction they will lay. 

A lot of times, frustrating bangs are the result of over styling. By using a hot iron or blow drying them too much it can result in the bangs getting stuck in an undesired position. If you are having problems styling your new look, your stylist can either adjust the cut, show you how to style them better and/or recommend styling products. 

Dealing with frustrating bangs can be difficult, but if you are unable to achieve the look you want or decide the cut is not for you, growing them out is easy. If the frustrating bangs are not long enough to be pulled back, you can sweep them to the side with styling product, pin them back with bobby pins for a casual look, or add some decorative pins to dress up the look. 

While the frustrating bangs are growing out you should play up all of the new looks that you experience in the process. You may even find you like the bangs a little longer and decide to experiment with them at different lengths. Instead of focusing on the frustrating bangs try playing up different looks and having fun with your hair.