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Thermage Scarring

Thermage technology was originally developed to battle the skin's aging process. While currently being used to treat crow's feet around the eyes, forehead, lower face and neck jowls, Thermage scarring treatment for acne is also being performed. Thermage has received full FDA approval for treatment of acne and acne scarring. Thermage scarring treatment provides the non-surgical softening of acne scars and pockmarks.

An assessment of your face will be made at your initial consulting with a board-certified plastic surgeon regarding Thermage scarring treatment for acne. The Thermage scarring treatment employs computer controlled radio frequency energy to stimulate collagen regeneration. The Thermage scarring treatment causes collagen contraction and tightening without damaging the epidermal layer of skin, resulting in a non-invasive, effective procedure. In only a few months after the Thermage scarring treatment there is new and improved collagen in the dermal layer of your skin.

The Thermage scarring treatment has FDA clearance in the United States, which was preceded earlier by Canadian approval for non-surgical brow lift and non-surgical tightening of facial tissue, including wrinkles. A board-certified plastic surgeon has exceptional experience and skill in the treatment of skin, a thorough evaluation will be undertaken to ensure premium results, should a Thermage scarring treatment procedure be recommended.

Initially, the Thermage scarring treatment is performed only once as results may continue to improve for up to six months. Studies are currently being performed to evaluate whether additional treatments may be beneficial for acne scarring. At this time, a single treatment only is recommended to a specific area of the face.

During the Thermage scarring treatment you will experience a brief hot sensation followed by a brief cool sensation each time the radio frequency energy is pulsed. Local anesthetic or a topical freezing cream will be applied to your skin prior to your treatment to ensure your comfort and minimize sensation to your skin. The doctors and staff always consider your comfort and safety a top priority when undergoing the procedure.

After the Thermage scarring treatment, some individuals may experience initial tightening and scar improvement within the first few weeks. Long-term improvement from Thermage scarring treatment generally occurs within three to six months after the procedure. In recent clinical studies, most individuals demonstrated significant improvement of scarring with progressive improvements up to six months after a single treatment. Your doctor will monitor your progress through in-house proprietary medical imaging.

Make-up may be applied after your treatment if desired. Normal activities may be resumed, as there is no downtime. Special care of the skin after Thermage scarring treatment is not required.

Thermage scarring treatment is a relatively easy and safe procedure with very few side effects. Your skin will essentially look normal, but there may be minimal redness for a short time, and it is usually short lived.

Thermage can be performed on just about anyone, and is a great alternative for someone who can't be cleared for invasive surgery due to an existing medical condition. Talk with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see if Thermage scarring treatment can help clear up your acne scars today.