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Implant Manufacturers

Implant manufacturers are the companies that manufacture, research, and test breast augmentation implants prior to their surgical use. These implant manufacturers understand that the quality of the breast implant is just as important as the high level of skill provided by a competent and experienced breast augmentation surgeon. There are a few prominent implant manufacturers, based in both the United States and abroad. These implant manufacturers offer a variety of different types of implants and strive to provide only the highest quality products to surgeons who offer breast augmentation.

The two largest implant manufacturers in the United States are Mentor Corporation and McGhan/Inamed Corporation. These implant manufacturers are both based out of Santa Barbara, CA.

Mentor Corporation has been devoted to researching, testing, and developing high quality breast implants for over 20 years and is the only implant manufacture whose implants are made exclusively in the United States and Europe.

Inamed is the large conglomerate whose subsidiary McGhan corporation is the other leading implant manufacturer in the United States. INAMED has been a world leader in breast implant manufacturing for over 25 years and provides high quality breast implants to cosmetic surgeons in the United States and abroad.

In recent news these two major US implant manufacturers have fought hard to end the thirteen year ban on silicone-gel filled breast implants. Both Inamed and Mentor implant manufacturers have been trying to win approval for their cohesive silicone gel products since the beginning of the 2005 year. In a seven-to-two vote, the FDA advisory panel approved the silicone implant proposed by Mentor Corporation while denying approval to its rival, Inamed, in a five-to-four rejection.

Since the preliminary approval of Mentor's silicone breast implant, both implant manufacturers continue to seek permission to begin marketing their products. Mentor Corporation received conditional FDA approval late July 2005, allowing the implant manufacturer to make and market their silicone implant so long as they comply with the FDA's requirements, such as long term safety studies and annual independent review.

Inamed Corporation has continued to modify their proposals in hopes of receiving FDA approval of their cohesive silicone gel-filled implants in the near future. Many experts believe that our nation will soon witness the wide-spread return of cohesive silicone breast implants as more implant manufacturers gain FDA approval. This change has prompted both eager anticipation and great concern in groups throughout the nation.

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The FDA banned silicone implants in the US in 1992, because of widespread reports of pain and illness caused by implant rupture and leakage. The implant manufactures claim that technological and research advances have allowed them to produce a safer product that will not pose the same health risks as the older implants. A good surgeon will provide only the highest quality implants from the most reputable implant manufacturers. If you would like to learn more about implant manufacturers, please contact us to speak with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in your area.