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Vaginal Surgery

Vaginal surgery as a cosmetic procedure is becoming more widely available in the U.S., as media such as television and women's magazines have publicized its benefits. Restoring the tighter, firmer feeling of a woman's vagina with a surgical procedure is an option for women who are dissatisfied after childbirth or aging. A safe and simple vaginal surgery has helped thousands of women feel younger and has restored sexual pleasure for women and their partners.

Some women are concerned about the lax muscle tone of their vaginas, whether as a result of aging or kids or as a long-standing problem. Sometimes it's a woman's partner who points out the problem. Whatever the reason for a woman's interest in vaginal surgery, it's best to become well-informed about the possibilities.

Vaginal Rejuvenation / Vaginoplasty

Vaginal surgery, sometimes known as vaginal rejuvenation or vaginoplasty starts with a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced with the surgery and its variations.

As with any cosmetic, elective surgery, a patient should fully understand both the benefits and risks of a vaginal surgery. Every surgery carries with it some risk of complications, scarring and infection, but the safety record of vaginal surgery is good. Although there are no clinical data drawn from large studies of vaginal surgery, there are no reports of significant problems either.

A good candidate for vaginal surgery must be in good overall health. A complete medical history will be taken before the procedure; a woman should be sure to tell her cosmetic surgeon about any health issues she is facing.

The Vaginal Surgery Procedure

A vaginal surgery is a relatively simple procedure that involves reducing the size of the vaginal canal with a laser or scalpel. It can be performed in an accredited surgical center or in a hospital. In the procedure, excess mucosa lining the vagina is removed, resulting in a decrease in the size of the muscles that form the vagina and making the canal narrower.

The surgery does not take very long. It is usually performed with general anesthesia. A day in a recovery ward can be expected.

After a vaginal surgery, a patient may experience swelling and discomfort. These symptoms can be expected to subside over the following few days. Sex can be resumed 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery.

After a Vaginal Surgery

Many women and their partners have reported being quite pleased with the new tone and tightness of their vagina after this surgery.

If you feel that a vaginal surgery may be of benefit to you, arrange a private consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon near you today and get all of your questions answered.