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Refinity Chemical Peels

Refinity chemical peels are a non-surgical cosmetic option for those who wish to enhance the appearance and texture of their skin. Refinity chemical peels are on the mid-to-light end of the chemical peel "extensiveness"? scale. Refinity chemical peels provide a greater exfoliation than some mild peels but are not as extensive as phenol peels. Refinity chemical peels provide an extensive exfoliation of the skin to provide a myriad of benefits including: reduction of skin hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tone, skin mottling, acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections.

Refinity chemical peels deliver a medical strength skin treatment which contains a fifteen percent lactic acid (Alphahydroxy acid) solution plus cosmoderm-7 and a seventy percent glycolic peel plus the cosmoderm-7. The formula used in Refinity chemical peels speeds up the cell's turnover rate and increases cell production to help replace the damaged layers of skin with healthier skin. The cosmoderm-7 in Refinity chemical peels is specifically designed as an anti-irritant that prevents discomfort and some peeling side effects.

Good candidates for Refinity chemical peels are those in good physical and psychological health who have realistic expectations about the procedure. Prospective patients should discuss their full medical history with their cosmetic surgeon prior to this procedure, as some patient populations may not be appropriate for Refinity chemical peels. Patients who consider Refinity chemical peels should understand the rare, but potential, complications associated with chemical peels.

Refinity chemical peels are generally considered a safe and effective way to enhance the appearance of the skin and improve the texture and other imperfections. In some cases Refinity chemical peels can cause irritated skin, uneven skin tone, peeling, oozing, scabbing, and similar complications which are most often manageable. Following all after care instructions provided by a medical professional is crucial to mitigating these risks. Sun protection is a very important element in recovering form Refinity chemical peels.

Refinity chemical peels range in cost depending on the area of the skin that is being treated, the surgeon performing the procedure, a patient's geographical area, and other variables. Because Refinity chemical peels are sought for cosmetic purposes, the costs are generally not covered by medical insurance. The average cost of Refinity chemical peels are between one and two hundred dollars per treatment session. Many patients find that their optimum results are achieved after receiving a series of Refinity chemical peels. Many patients will seek approximately six Refinity chemical peels treatments to achieve their desired results.

If you would like to learn more about Refinity chemical peels, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area who can discuss this procedure with you in greater detail.