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Mammary Asymmetry

Mammary asymmetry is a complication that can occur went the breasts are not the same size or shape after breast augmentation surgery. This complication is most often, but not always, caused by surgical error on the part of the surgeon. Mammary asymmetry can also be caused by poor or improper healing of the breasts after cosmetic surgery.

Causes of Mammary Asymmetry

Mammary asymmetry can result from breast augmentation surgery when one of the breasts is higher that the other or when one or both are placed too medially or laterally on the chest. This is most often caused by incorrect placement of the implants during surgery. There are four different incision locations that can be used during breast augmentation surgery to insert the implants: around the nipple, under the breast, in the armpit, and in the bellybutton. The further away the incision site from the breasts, the greater risk of surgical error leading to mammary asymmetry.

Repairing Mammary Asymmetry

When mammary asymmetry occurs after breast augmentation, additional surgery is typically required. This additional surgery will involve repositioning the implants to achieve more balance and symmetry in the breast area. The surgical process to correct mammary asymmetry can be relatively simple or more complex, depending on the nature of the complication.

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There are some plastic surgeons that are qualified and experienced in revision breast augmentation surgery. If you or someone you know has developed mammary asymmetry following breast augmentation, please contact us to speak with a competent cosmetic surgeon in your area.