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Inframammary Incision

The inframammary incision is a very popular surgical option for breast augmentation. The inframammary incision is made in the fold under the breast, making the scar relatively inconspicuous after surgery. Like the periareolar option, the inframammary incision allows for placement of the implants both under the muscle and the glandular tissue. If there are any postoperative complications, the surgeon will typically be able to re-use the inframammary incision without needing to make any additional incisions. The scar from the inframammary incision is not as conspicuous as the scar from nipple incision.

A major benefit of the inframammary option is that women typically experience less difficulty breastfeeding after breast augmentation. The inframammary incision bypasses the milk ducts, posing less risk of damage to those areas. This surgical option also does not require the protective sleeve when placing the implants.