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Breast Implant Technique

Breast augmentation surgery can significantly enhance a woman's breasts and change their overall shape, and the technique used usually depends on individual preferences. For instance, some breast implant techniques have shorter recovery times, while others require longer recovery but help achieve a particular result.

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The Techniques

The position of the implant refers to whether or not the implant is placed high or low in relation to the pectoralis muscle. There are several breast implant techniques that surgeons use, including:

  • Subpectoral or submuscular- The implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle. This particular breast implant technique is best for women who have small breasts and is not recommended as often for athletic women.
  • Subglandular- The implants are placed above the pectoralis and below the breast tissue. This breast implant technique is better for athletic women and has a shorter recovery with less pain and swelling.
  • Inframammary incision- Incision is made on the lower portion of the breast in the crease where the breast meets the chest. This incision site is useful for hiding scarring.
  • Periareolar incision- The second most common incision is made just under the areola in a small semi-circle. Although popular, this technique risks the loss of nipple sensation.
  • Axillary incision- Incision is made in the armpit and the scars are usually minimal. A drawback for this technique, however, is that the surgeon's visibility is limited during the operation.
  • Umbilical incision- Also known as TUBA, this technique involves inserting the implants through an incision made in the belly button. This technique makes placing the implants under the muscle more difficult.
Which Breast Implant Technique Is Right for You?

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