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Asian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery on the nose, often referred to as a "nose job"?. Patients will choose to undergo rhinoplasty for a variety of different reasons, but often, the goal of the procedure is to shorten, narrow, or lower prominent sized noses. For Asian patients, this is usually the opposite.

The challenge of rhinoplasty is to enhance the nose while creating a balanced, natural overall look. This means that the rhinoplasty must be in harmony with the other facial features. Though the majority of rhinoplasty patients desire reducing the size of their nose, Asian rhinoplasty differs because of the different ethnic anatomy which patients often want augmented.

In recent years, there has been a wider acceptance of what is considered beautiful. Historically, the idea of beauty was defined with a more homogenous look, but the realization that different looks and ethnicities are unique and beautiful as well has changed the way cosmetic surgery is performed. Some Asian rhinoplasty patients will desire a more augmented look, but at the same time a skilled surgeon will be able to maintain a balanced look with the other facial features.

A greater number of ethnic groups, including Asians, have been seeking cosmetic surgery in recent years. In the past, things like Asian rhinoplasty may have been opposed to because of strong cultural taboos against the procedures. With improvements in cosmetic surgery occurring all the time, the ability to preserve ethnic characteristics but also improve facial balance through an Asian rhinoplasty is achievable.

In 2004, racial and ethnic minorities accounted for 20 percent of all cosmetic surgery procedures, with Asians making up 4.6 percent. Asian rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic choices, alongside the double-eyelid procedure for Asian patients. Different surgeons have different opinions on what is the best material to use for Asian rhinoplasty augmentation, but depending on the patient's goals the surgeon will be able to recommend and advise the patient as to what might yield the best results.

In the past, Asians wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery would have probably ended up with Caucasian appearing surgical results. Until recently, Asian rhinoplasty, as well as other procedures preserving ethnic differences, was not available. The growth of the Asian population in the U.S. and new standards for female beauty inclusive of a wider array of ethnicities, ages, and differences have challenged the way cosmetic surgery is performed, which has become more inclusive of all walks of life.

Patients want to look better and younger, but also still maintain their racial and ethnic roots when undergoing aesthetic changes like Asian rhinoplasty.

For more information about Asian rhinoplasty, please contact us to consult with a reputable cosmetic surgeon.