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Vulvar Lipoplasty

A more recent addition to cosmetic surgery trends, designer vaginas are becoming more popular for women. Called vulvar lipoplasty, a cosmetic surgeon can remove unwanted fat from the mon pubis, or pubic mound, and upper parts of the labia majora through liposculpturing. Liposculpturing can ease the pockets or bulges of fatty appearance in the vaginal area to result in a more aesthetically pleasing curve.

The popularity of vulvar lipoplasty, and other aesthetic vaginal procedures has gained tremendous momentum in certain cities in the country. The growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery and the ability to aesthetically enhance physical features that were previously not personally as desirable at it could be has allowed surgical methods to enter into vaginal procedures. For some women, sexual intimacy was hard to reach because of dissatisfaction with the look of their vaginal areas, which vulvar lipoplasty can sometimes help to reverse.

Some women have described instances of sexual dysfunction because of the embarrassment of their vaginas. It is important to remember cosmetic surgery should not be used in place of a low self-esteem, but with the right patient vulvar lipoplasty can dramatically improve any previous awkwardness with sexual partners. Regardless of vulvar lipoplasty, women should be encouraged to embrace unique features and individual characteristics before deciding if cosmetic enhancement procedures will really amend a situation.

Not all "designer vagina" procedures are strictly for aesthetic reasons. Some women have large labias that can cause pain during intercourse or experience chafing and discomfort during activities or wearing certain types of clothing. Many people believe procedures like vulvar lipoplasty can allow for a more open discussion about previously taboo subjects. Vaginal cosmetic procedures have been met with some controversy, though all cosmetic procedures have over the years have become widely accepted despite initial controversial introductions.

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