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Freckles are pigment cells contained with the skin. Usually appearing tan or light brown, they are usually very small dots but can appear larger when freckles overlap. People with fair complexions are more likely to have freckles because they have less melanin, a chemical produced by certain skin cells, in their skin. Melanin helps protect the skin from sun damage, and the more melanin in the skin, then tanner a person will appear.

Sun exposure can sometimes cause more freckles or darken existing freckles. For some people, once they are no longer in the sun, usually in winter months, the freckles will fade away, but for others, their freckles may be evident year round. There is the tendency for freckles to fade as people age, and while not dangerous, some people wish to alter the cosmetic appearance of them.

Everyone, freckles or not, should wear a daily lotion with an SPF of 15 or higher. Not only can sun avoidance can help reduce the number of freckles that appear and prevent them from darkening, but also help reduce skin cancer risks. Recent studies have indicated people with skin types susceptible to freckles are at greater risk for skin cancers.

If you're wishing to seek a more permanent removal of the freckles, chemical peels, cryotherapy and laser treatments have all been used to try to diminish or remove the spots, but the best beauty tip that can be offered regarding freckles is to show them off! Makeup like sheer foundations can help even out the tone but allow the freckles to still show through. The best beauty tips are the ones that play up what you already have, and freckles are no different. Still, if wishing to fade your freckles, visit a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation on possible cosmetic options.