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Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction specifically addresses the problems faced by men with gynecomastia, which causes breast tissue to overdevelop. Male breast reduction can alleviate physical discomfort and may also relieve social distress related to the problem.

Choosing Male Breast Reduction

Potential male breast reduction candidates should meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss the various available methods of male breast reduction. For some men, excess breast tissue can be reduced or eliminated through diet and exercise; male breast reduction by surgical means is usually conducted only when other methods have failed.


Modern methods of male breast reduction differ significantly from the older techniques. For many years, the surgery for male breast reduction left significant scarring and required the use of general anesthesia, raising risk factors for patients. Male breast reduction now generally uses liposuction to remove fat from under the skin. The more modern methods of male breast reduction eliminate the need for general anesthesia in most cases, and the tools used in male breast reduction through liposuction can be inserted using tiny incisions, so that this type of male breast reduction causes very little scarring by comparison.


Most patients return to work within a week of undergoing male breast reduction. The liposuction method is much less painful and causes less tissue trauma, so patients of this form of male breast reduction generally recover more quickly and experience less postoperative stiffness and pain. Using liposuction alone for male breast reduction may not be effective for patients whose gynecomastia results from glandular disorders.