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Lateral Brow Lift

In order to correct the drooping of the outer brow line, a surgeon may use a lateral brow lift. This technique is also known as a temporal brow lift, and addresses sagging around the outside of the eyebrow almost exclusively. Lateral brow lifts can be performed in conjunction with blepharoplasty or other procedures such as endoscopic face lifts. (Remarkably, a lateral brow lift is even less invasive than an endoscopic brow lift.)

During a lateral brow lift, incisions are placed in the hairline at the temples towards the sides of the face. The lateral brow lift removes excess skin, lifting the outer corners of the forehead. Unlike a traditional brow lift, a lateral brow lift will not raise the middle of the brow, but it will somewhat alleviate crow's feet (the creasing at the outer corners of the eyes). Lateral brow lifts are ideally suited to prospective patients who are only concerned with the drooping of the ends of the eyebrows. A lateral brow lift may be done at the same time as an endoscopic brow lift or a facelift. In some cases, lateral brow lifts are used to correct previous blepharoplasty.

Having a lateral brow lift performed is considerably less invasive than a coronal or traditional brow lift, and therefore carries less risk of infection or other complications. At the same time, lateral brow lifts are extremely limited in their ability to address sagging in the face. Although not a versatile procedure, a lateral brow lift can be the perfect solution for a surgical candidate who is concerned with sagging skin and tissue around the outer eye. As with any face lift procedure, the ideal lateral brow lift candidate will have some elasticity to the skin and a strong bone structure.