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Facial Endermologie

Although the face contains no cellulite, facial Endermologie is becoming a popular alternative use for the roller massage technology traditionally used to treat cellulite on the body. Facial Endermologie works as a sort of deep tissue massage, stimulating blood flow to improve the skin's health and appearance. Like other forms of Endermologie, facial Endermologie must be performed by a licensed practitioner, and is available in the offices of cosmetic surgeons. Some spas also now offer facial Endermologie.

Auxiliary heads of multiple sizes are designed for treating specific portions of the face, maximizing the benefits of facial Endermologie. In addition to the specially adapted equipment, the techniques used in performing a facial Endermologie differ from the cellulite treatment. The short, concentrated movements are better suited to a facial Endermologie, allowing the practitioner to focus on specific areas of tissue. The individual performing the facial Endermologie will also have the suction set to a lower level, protecting the fragile skin of the face. The average amount of time for a facial Endermologie is 30 to 40 minutes, but in many cases this amount of time can be adjusted to the needs of the patient.

Facial Endermologie treatment can be used on the neck, the chin, the face, the scalp, and even around the eyes. Using facial Endermologie, technicians can stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and helps improve skin tone and slow the aging of the skin. The facial Endermologie treatment head exercises the cutaneous layer of the skin by attacking flaccidity, wrinkles, expression lines, dehydration and poor circulation.

Using facial Endermologie, patients can see improved circulation, rejuvenated looks, and toned facial muscles, with a reduced appearance of wrinkles and creases. Facial Endermologie is becoming more widely available as it grows in popularity and more patients understand the benefits of deep tissue facial massage.