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Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty surgeons are usually not difficult to find in any part of the country; finding the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you may take a little more time. The importance of choosing a qualified rhinoplasty surgeon cannot be overstated, and prospective patients should screen surgeons carefully.

An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to provide a realistic expectation for the outcome of your surgery, and rhinoplasty surgeons who have had time to perfect their technique are better able to predict the results. Rhinoplasty surgeons with more experience can also be valuable should any complications arise during surgery. When considering rhinoplasty surgeons, there are a few guidelines that can help. Look for a board certified rhinoplasty surgeon; a certification through the American Board of Plastic Surgery indicates that the certified rhinoplasty surgeon has had extra training in the field of plastic surgery. In order to be board-certified, rhinoplasty surgeons must earn their degrees from reputable medical schools and complete an additional five-year residency. Your rhinoplasty surgeon should have privileges to perform rhinoplasty at an accredited hospital. Additionally, you may want a rhinoplasty surgeon who has training in ear, nose, and throat medicine, and general plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty surgeons who make rhinoplasty a major part of their practices may have more experience than rhinoplasty surgeons who perform a wide variety of plastic surgeries. Regardless of background information, always ask potential rhinoplasty surgeons for before and after photos of their patients.