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Cost of Breast Reduction

Cost of breast reduction can vary widely from one physician to another, based upon a number of factors. The cost of breast reduction is sometimes covered by health insurance, depending upon the specific conditions of the individual patient.

Usually, cost of breast reduction includes the procedure itself, hospital fees, anesthesia, and other overhead expenses affect the cost of breast reduction. Because a number of these factors remain the same, regardless of the number of procedures, cost of breast reduction may be lower when combined with other plastic surgery procedures during a single surgery.

While cost of breast reductions can be negotiated to a point, the establishment that offers the lowest cost of breast reduction may not be your best choice. A number of the aspects influencing the cost of breast reduction also ensure that you receive the appropriate level of care, for instance, the cost of breast reduction is usually higher for physicians who are especially skilled in their field, and generally the cost of breast reduction includes follow up visits and corrective procedures. If a physician or center quotes a price for the cost of breast reduction that seems strangely low, make inquiries to find out why their cost of breast reduction is less expensive, what procedures and services the fee covers, etc.

2007 National Average for Physician/Surgeon Fees Per Procedure*
(Source: American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

Surgical Procedure National Average

Breast Augmentation -- silicone gel implants

Breast Aumentation -- saline implants$3,544
Breast lift $4,258

Breast reduction (women)

Breast reduction (women)$5,351

*Please note that individual surgeon fees vary by geographic region, and within regions, depending upon whether the cosmetic surgery practice is in a suburban, urban, or rural area. These costs are for surgeon fees only and do not include the costs that may be incurred for anesthesia, the surgical facility, prescriptions, medical tests, surgical garments, or other miscellaneous fees related to the surgery.