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Forehead Lift

Forehead lift pictures can show dramatic results-patients' looks are transformed by the procedure. The subjects of forehead lift pictures often have a worried or tired look that is corrected by this treatment. Doctors use forehead lift pictures to help prospective patients form realistic expectations for their own treatments; in some cases, forehead lift pictures show great improvement, but not a total elimination of worry lines or wrinkling.

Accurate forehead lift pictures will not rely on trick angles or lighting. Both the "before" and "after" forehead lift pictures should use similar camera angles and lighting, and the persons shown in forehead lift pictures should wear little or no makeup so that the results shown are not camouflaged. The forehead lift pictures can help ease candidates' worries about visible scarring and possibly other side effects. Viewing the forehead lift pictures of a number of a doctor's previous patients may indicate that doctor's typical results. Reviewing forehead lift pictures with a plastic surgeon allows the prospective patient to ask specific questions about forehead lift pictures, and receive detailed answers.

Certain surgeons offer free zoom consultations about browlifts such as Dr Paul Wilson in Bristol, UK