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Facial Sclerotherapy

Although sclerotherapy is usually performed on the legs, many patients are opting for hand and facial sclerotherapy, or even treatment on their chests or other parts of the body. Sun damage, alcohol or drug use and smoking can all cause or exacerbate spider veins, making facial sclerotherapy an attractive option for the treatment of these irregularities. Broken veins around the nose, eyes, and cheeks are most commonly treated by facial sclerotherapy. Recent research shows that most patients respond very well to sclerotherapy on these parts of the body: the average response to facial sclerotherapy is a 70 percent improvement, and is often 90 percent or higher.

Treatment with facial sclerotherapy usually involves a milder version of the sclerosing agents used in sclerotherapy on the legs. Although facial sclerotherapy is very similar to the procedures used on other parts of the body, there is some risk during a facial sclerotherapy session that the sclerosant might travel into deeper venous systems. During facial sclerotherapy, the risk of bruising is slightly higher, so only one or two sites should be treated in the same session and the facial sclerotherapy injections should be delivered slowly, with low pressure and volume.

Like all forms sclerotherapy, the risks associated with facial sclerotherapy are very low, and the potential side effects are relatively minor and short term. Applying ice packs to the area treated with facial sclerotherapy can help prevent redness and reduce any swelling or bruising that may occur. Patients who have had facial sclerotherapy should use only makeup and other facial products that have been approved by their physicians. Wearing sun block can help preserve the effects of facial sclerotherapy, preventing sun damage to the treated areas.

Many patients have been amazed at the transformation made possible by treating even minor spider veins with facial sclerotherapy. Because they are so visible, any diminishment in size or appearance will generally greatly improve the overall appearance of the face. Facial sclerotherapy may need to be performed in stages, with a month or so between each treatment, in order to achieve the desired result.