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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite occurs when fat cells protrude from around the connective tissue that attaches skin to muscle-and tends to develop in almost 90% of women at some point. Cellulite treatments have generally met with mixed reactions: many people swear by creams and special diets, while some doctors claim that there is no cellulite treatment that actually produces scientific results. The latest craze in cellulite treatment-roller massage therapy (also known by the brand name Endermologie) is currently the only non-invasive device approved by the FDA specifically for cellulite treatment.

Roller massage therapy uses mechanical roller and regulated suction to create symmetrical skin folds, temporarily stimulating circulation to the area. Each roller massage therapy cellulite treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes, and patients typically need dozen or more treatments for visible results. After the desired effect is achieved, the patient will need to maintain the effects of the cellulite treatment with additional roller massage therapy sessions at less frequent intervals. Because this cellulite treatment addresses only the appearance of cellulite, and not the root causes, bumps and dimples may reappear in the months after roller massage therapy ceases unless maintenance sessions

The long-term results of this noninvasive treatment have not been established, but roller massage therapy has been used as a method of cellulite treatment since 1996 in the United States and users claim that it can also be used to soften burn scars and connective tissue. When roller massage therapy is used as a form of cellulite treatment, it is often combined with liposuction to improve results. Because roller massage therapy is, in fact, able to improve the appearance of cellulite, its popularity continues to grow, but the high price and need for continuous sessions mean that the search for a more permanent form of cellulite treatment will likely continue.