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What type of implant is right for you?

What type of implant is right for you?  This is one of the biggest considerations had by prospective cosmetic breast augmentation patients.  There is no one clear or definitive answer to the question, what type of implant is right for you?  In fact, the best implant for a breast augmentation patient will depend on her aesthetic goals and preferences, the doctor's recommendations and preferences, the patient's anatomy and health, and other pertinent factors.

There are several options when it comes to choosing the best implants for an individual patient.  Breast implants come in different textures, filler materials, shapes, and sizes.  The type of implant that is right for you can be chosen by discussing your options with your cosmetic surgeon and learning as much as you can about the benefits and drawbacks of each type before making your decision.  Your surgeon should be happy to discuss with you all aspects of each implant option and address your questions and concerns as they develop. 

The following information will provide some basic facts about the different types of breast implants available based on texture, filler material, shape, and size.  You may also with to speak with your plastic surgeon about additional implant features such as expandable fillers.  You should also be sure to learn about the risks and benefits of breast augmentation before deciding if breast augmentation is right for you.  If you would like to learn more about what type of implant is right for you, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon in your area.