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Large Breast Augmentation

Large breast augmentation is sought by individuals who wish to dramatically increase their bust size through cosmetic surgery. Women who are interested in large breast augmentation should familiarize themselves with the risks and benefits of this procedure as well as what to expect before, during, and after large breast augmentation surgery. Large breast augmentation surgery is performed by inserting large implants into the breast area in order to greatly enhance the size of a woman's breasts.

Large breast augmentation carries some risks that potential patients should understand when considering this procedure. In some ways these risks are greater than those associated with other breast augmentation techniques. Large breast augmentation surgery may take longer than other breast augmentation procedures because the surgery can be more involved than other procedures.

The longer a surgical procedure takes the greater a patient's risk for surgery-related complications. Complications from large breast augmentation, as with any surgical procedure, can include: blood clots, airway blockages, stroke, brain or nerve damage, hyperthermia, and heart complications. Qualified and experienced plastic surgeons can mitigate these risks during large breast augmentation surgery.

The suitable size of breast implants is determined by a number of factors including a patient's anatomy and physical health, her weight, her expectations, and other considerations. Women are generally limited to large breast augmentation sizes that their bodies can realistically accommodate. Some women do not have enough natural breast tissue to cover and support large breast augmentation. A good plastic surgeon will discourage a patient from large breast augmentation if the risks of the surgery (or its results) exceed the intended benefits of the procedure.

When a woman's anatomy is unable to accommodate the size of the implants used in a large breast augmentation surgery, she runs the risk of suffering a number of medical complications. If there is not enough natural tissue present, the edges of an implant can pucker and become visible. The effects of gravity may be experienced by large breast augmentation patients sooner than expected, as they experience sagging, drooping, and shifting of their implants. Women who undergo large breast augmentation surgery may also face the risk of back pain, shoulder problems, and other complications.

Patients who seek large breast augmentation can speak with a qualified surgeon to discuss an implant size that would best achieve their desired results while minimizing the risks of an unfavorable outcome. Patients who are considering large breast augmentation should also discuss their full medical history and current medication and supplement use with their surgeon prior to surgery. A good surgeon can find an implant size that a patient desires, but will not compromise her health and well being.

For more information on large breast augmentation, please contact us to confer with a qualified plastic surgeon in your area.